2017 Photos - by Lorelei
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Ozzie - Flying FREE!

Happy to see OZ tears only, please. Another heart-wrenching photo was taken January 27, 2015, that I almost rejected and threw out because it was really far away and lacking detail on the head. I did end up keeping it because I really liked the composition. This is not an in camera comp and has not been photoshopped except for cropping and punching up the details in the wings with camera raw. In the Facebook comments, I will be publishing a snapshot of the Lightroom original uncropped version along with the entire Lightroom filmstrip series at the bottom. I don't have anything against Photoshop compositions but personally, I like to keep it real. I just don't want anyone to question the integrity of my work. If and when I do a "Photoshop composition" I will always disclose it.
Ozzie - North Fort Myers Nest

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